Digital Health Technologies in the​ iOUCH Pain Lab​ | Pain #4.14

Learning Objectives

  • Define the concept of “digital health technologies”
  • Explain the user design process in developing digital health technology programs; and
  • Recognize situations where digital health technologies may be applied in a clinical setting.

Cynthia Nguyen, Research Program Manager, The Hospital for Sick Children

Cynthia Nguyen is a Research Program Manager for the SickKids Pain Centre and the iOUCH Pain lab (PI: Dr. Jennifer Stinson). Cynthia oversees the SickKids Pain Centre, which aims to prevent and minimize pain for all children in a family-centered environment by fostering collaboration, excellence, integrity, and innovation between interprofessional teams that integrate clinical care, education, and research. She also oversees the iOUCH pain lab’s program of research, which aims to improve the lives of children and adolescents with chronic conditions through the development and evaluation of innovative information and communication technologies.

Session Materials

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