Core Competency Overview

Paediatric Project ECHO Core Competency Webinars focus on fundamental aspects of caring for children with needs relating to Complex Care, Obesity Management, Pain Management and Palliative Care.

Each 1-2 hour Core Competency Webinar will allow participants to thoroughly discuss topics with specialists and other community healthcare providers.

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Complex Care
Obesity Management
Pain Management
Palliative Care

Complex Care

Children with medical complexity have complex chronic health conditions associated with significant functional status limitations requiring increased expertise, health services, and resources1. In these Core Competency Webinars we will explore care coordination, social work considerations, feeding/nutrition considerations and overall nuances of caring for children with medical complexity.

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Overview of Children with Medical Complexity

Dr. Catherine Diskin

Care Coordination including Care Plans


Social Work and Children with Medical Complexity (I)

Social Work and Children with Medical Complexity (II)

Nutritional Assessment of Children with Medical Complexity

Nutritional Management of Children with Medical Complexity

Management of Common Respiratory Presentations in Children with Medical Complexity

Pain and its Causes in Children with Neurodisability

Obesity Management

A lot is considered when caring for children living with obesity. In these Core Competency Webinars we will explore metabolic comorbidities in relation to obesity while considering weight biases and stigma in healthcare. We will also discuss how to work with patients to start implementing lifestyle changes, once the appropriate strategies are identified.

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Weight Bias & Stigma

Dr. Sarah Nutter

Tools for Assessment and Management

Dr. Stasia Hadjiyannakis, Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario

Metabolic Comorbidities: Medical Screening & Review

Dr. Jill Hamilton, Hospital for Sick Children

Mental Health & Obesity

Dr. Alene Toulany

Nutrition & Physical Activity: Assessment & Treatment

Alisa Bar-Dayan, RD

Allie Lougheed

Pharmacotherapy & Bariatric Surgery: Additional treatment tools for obesity management

Dr. Jill Hamilton, MD

Motivational Interviewing

Dr. Andrea Regina, C. Psych

Dr. Elizabeth Dettmer, C. Psych

Pain Management

The 3P approach will anchor these Core Competency Webinars. These webinars will give us an opportunity to look deeper into the methodology of physical, psychological and pharmacological strategies when managing pain in children and youth. These webinars will also explore pain conditions and motivational interviewing.

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Pain Science & How to Explain Pain

Mike Sangster, PT,  Founder of Project Next Mile.

Mental Health & Pain

Physiotherapy Treatment for Chronic Pain

Anne Ayling Campos, PT

Karen Chiu, PT

Psychological Treatment for Chronic Pain

Dr. Danielle Ruskin, C. Psych

Acute Pain Management

Dr Naveen Poonai

Procedural Pain

Dr. Anna Taddio


Dr. Marissa Lagman

Abdominal Pain

Learning Objectives

  • Assess and identify functional abdominal pain disorder using a biopsychosocial lens​
  • Support patients with functional abdominal pain disorder in your office​
  • Identify 3 evidence-based treatments for functional abdominal pain disorder (if referral is needed)

Neuropathic Pain

Dr. Naiyi Sun

Motivational Interviewing

Dr. Andrea Regina, C. Psych

Dr. Elizabeth Dettmer, C. Psych

Palliative Care

You don’t often hear about pediatric palliative care because it may be difficult to talk about death, especially with children. Death, however, is not all of what makes up palliative care, nor should we avoid talking about death. Death is the heart-breaking reality that is part of medicine. In these Core Competency Webinars, we talk about it all: paediatric palliative care, symptom management, helping families and end-of-life care.

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Note: To explore these paediatric palliative care topics effectively, we will be limiting the number of attendees. Access will be granted on a first-come, first-serve basis and as such we encourage you register as soon as you can.

What is Paediatric Palliative Care?

Dr. Chris Vadeboncoeur, MD

From goals of care to resuscitation: Helping families with difficult decisions

Dr. Adam Rapoport, MD

Symptom Management

Dr. Natalie Jewitt, MD

End-of-Life Care

Dr. Stephanie van Zanten, MD