Mental Health Supports for Parental Caregivers fo Children with Medical Complexity | CC #4.4

Learning Objectives

  • Understand unique challenges of parents and caregivers of children with medical complexity (CMC)
  • What is known about the mental health of parents of CMC?
    • Stress and Distress
    • Psychiatric Illness
  • Which interventions may be helpful to support parents of CMC?

Dr. Elizabeth Wright, MD, Women’s College Hospital

Dr. Elizabeth Wright graduated from the University of Toronto Psychiatry Residency Program in 2018. Since then, she has worked as a Perinatal Psychiatrist in the Reproductive Life Stages program at Women’s College Hospital, engaging in clinical and research activities related to new parent mental health and the impacts of developmental trauma. More recently, in partnership with Sick Kids, she has been seeing parents of Complex Care children for the last 6 months for psychiatric consultations and support to the team.

Resources Mentioned in Session

Session Materials

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