ECHO Education Event for Managing Pain in Children & Youth

ECHO Education Event (E3) – February 6th & 7th, 2020

This two-day in person event consisted of a curriculum, presented as a composite of didactic and interactive teaching, focused on core competencies in acute and chronic pain management, which included physical, psychosocial and pharmacological strategies. 30 healthcare professional from all over the province of Ontario were able to attend at no-cost and learn about managing pain in chidren and youth. We partnered with the SickKids simulation team to offer interactive training in three topics: 1) pain assesment 2) interprofessional care team planning and 3) procedural pain.

Quotes from E3 Particitpants:

I was intimidated by [the simulations] as well…I found it super helpful to put [knowledge] into practice and to be able to have the opportunity to debrief afterwards, to really talk about what went well, what you would do differently to the point I would have even wanted to do [the simulations] again.

February 7, 2020

I feel like I gained a lot I feel like a lot of it was very relevant and very applicable

Registered Nurse ECHO Education Event Participant July 18, 2020

I did expect to have some information about pain. What I didn’t anticipate was the practical, not resources, but the practical tips like how to explain, how to do restorative yoga, how to talk to somebody about what is mind body. I think that experiential learning certainly exceeded my expectations.

Physician ECHO Education Event Participant July 18, 2020

I think among the many things I’ll bring back but what is top of mind right now is communication strategies with the patients and explaining pain. In my world, we have a lot of people with very complex pain and I don’t use metaphor and I think that’s going to be a really good tool in my toolbox

Physician ECHO Education Event Participant July 18, 2020

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Day 1 – February 6th, 2020

  • Overview of Pain in Children by Dr. Naiyi Sun & Jennifer Tyrrell
  • Pain Science and How to Explain Pain by Sara Klein
  • Comfort Promise by Erica Patterson & Elisa Nigro
  • Acute Pain Management by Dr. Tobias Everett
  • Sleep hygiene by Shirin Attaollahi-Eshqoor
  • Restorative yoga by Christine Castellarin-Harris
  • Graded exercise program by Giulia Mesaroli
  • Desensitization by Anne Ayling Campos
  • Mindfulness by Dr. Danielle Ruskin
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation by Dr. Melissa Young
  • Guided Imagery by Dr. Catherine Munns
  • Transitional Pain Service by Dr. Lisa Isaac & Jennifer Tyrrell
  • Cannabis by Dr. Deepa Kattail & Dr. Fiona Campbell

Booth Display (Day 1 – Lunch) 

Day 2 – February 7th, 2020 

  • Three one-hour simulated scenarios hosted by the SickKids Simulation Lab
  • Headache by Dr. Daune Macgregor
  • Headache Patient Case by Dr. Thiviya Selvanathan
  • Palliative Pain by Dr. Sarah Lord
  • Virtual Reality & Apps by Cynthia Nguyen

Education Event Materials

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