Cannabis for Pediatric Chronic Pain Management | Pain #4.17

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the biological vulnerabilities of the the developing brain in children and adolescents when exposed to regular cannabis use.
  • Discuss specific mental health diagnoses that may more prevalent in children or adolescents exposed to regular use of cannabis.​
  • Review current literature supporting evidence for the use of cannabis for pediatric chronic

Dr. Deepa Kattail, Anaesthesiologist, McMaster Children’s Hospital – Hamilton Health Sciences

Deepa Kattail is a pediatric anesthesiologist and chronic pain physician at McMaster Children’s Hospital as well as assistant professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences. She also serves as the director of the pediatric anesthesia fellowship program. She is actively involved in the Society of Pediatric Pain Medicine, recently elected to the board of directors and is co-chair for the knowledge and translation committee for the Ontario Chronic Pain Network.

Session Materials

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