Blenderized tube feeds | CC #3.3

Learning Objectives:

  • Define Blenderized Tube Feeds (BTFs)
  • Understand why BTFs are used and the potential benefits
  • Understand who the ideal candidate is
  • Briefly identify some of the nutritional and micronutrient considerations
  • Understand how BTFs are initiated and the required resources

Jordan Beaulieu, Registered Dietitian, Hospital for Sick Children

Following her graduation from the nutrition program at Ryerson University, Jordan completed her Dietetic Internship at SickKids in 2015 and has been working at SickKids in the departments of Cardiology, Oncology and General Paediatrics. She is a preceptor in the Dietetic Internship program and provides dietetic training sessions to medical students, residents and clinical fellows in General Paediatrics. Jordan also has a degree in anthropology and psychology from the University of Western Ontario. She has a passion for cooking and enjoys travelling the world.

Session Materials

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