Talking to children about death | PC #3.8

“For adults grief is like wading through this enormous river whereas for children it’s puddle jumping, but when they’re in that puddle it’s no different to the river.”​

– Julie Stokes, Winston’s Wish

Learning Objectives:

  • To explore perspectives and experiences for children, teens and families dealing with death and dying.
  • To learn strategies to support and guide caregivers through the process of communicating with children and teens about illness and dying.
  • Identify needs and opportunities to prepare and include young people

Shaindy Alexander, BA, CCLS at the Hospital for Sick Children

Shaindy Alexander has been at SickKids for 18 years practicing as a Certified Child Life Specialist. In 2018, she joined PACT as one of the Grief Support Coordinators and is now providing psychosocial support in the community for children and families followed by the palliative care team at SickKids. She is passionate about supporting youth and families and advocating for them to be included and supported through their illness journey.

Session Materials

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