Participants of Paediatric Project ECHO have the option of attending any combination of the program components in any or all specialty areas.

Acute and Chronic Pain

Complex Care

Obesity Management

Palliative Care

TeleECHO Clinics

 TeleECHO clinics will be held for each of the four specialty areas to connect participants with specialists and other community-based healthcare providers interested in that specialty area. Each clinic will include an inter-disciplinary team of clinicians from SickKids. Healthcare providers will join the clinic using videoconference technology (Zoom). Each TeleECHO clinic will begin with a short educational presentation. Following this presentation, a community healthcare provider will present a de-identified patient case from their practice (1-2 cases may be presented per TeleECHO clinic depending on case complexity). This will be followed by a group discussion about the case, and recommendations will be generated based on best practices. All participants will be encouraged to engage in the discussion and provide comments and recommendations based on their own experiences.

 Core Competency Curricula

 Each curriculum contains 8 hours of content and is designed to meet the identified educational needs of program participants. These curricula are separate from the TeleECHO clinics, and contain unique content to learn about complex topics in more detail. Curricula will be delivered to participants using the same videoconferencing technology as the TeleECHO clinics (Zoom). Each core competency curriculum will be offered twice per year.

 Pain-Specific Boot Camp

Participants will have the option of attending a 2-day, in-person boot camp. The boot camp will focus on teaching hands-on skills (some options may include motivational interviewing, and how to perform a physical exam on a paediatric pain patient). The pain boot camp will be offered twice per year.