Feeding for comfort | PC #3.3

Learning Objectives:

  • Can we really do that?!
    • Review of the legal and ethical positions on forgoing ANH in children
  • Ok…but why would we want to?!
    • Explore the risks and benefits of providing and forgoing ANH

Adam Rapoport, MD, FRCP(C), MHSc, the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids)

Dr. Adam Rapoport is a general pediatrician with a Masters in bioethics. In 2009, Adam joined the Temmy Latner Centre for Palliative Care at Mount Sinai Hospital as their pediatric consultant. In July 2011 he became the first Medical Director of the Paediatric Advanced Care Team (PACT), the palliative care service at SickKids. PACT provides both inpatient and outpatient palliative care to children with life-threatening illnesses, and their families, including grief and bereavement support. In 2013 Adam became Medical Director at Toronto’s first pediatric residential hospice – Emily’s House. Adam’s academic work focuses on the intersection of his 3 primary interests: pediatrics, palliative care and ethics.

Session Materials

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