Complex Care Needs Assessment (Cycle 4)

Paediatric Project ECHO for Complex Care is excited to launch its 4th cycle in January 2021. Since the start of ECHO Complex Care in January 2018, we have proudly delivered over 40 sessions and have invited over 35 different paediatric specialists to present and discuss clinical topics relating to the care of the child with medical complexities*.

Sessions are facilitated by our Complex Care medical leads, Dr. Julia Orkin, Dr. Catherine Diskin, Michelle Ho, NP and Dr. Eyal Cohen.

There have been over 400 interprofessional healthcare providers that have participated in the ECHO Complex Care sessions. In order for us to tailor the curriculum to your needs this upcoming cycle, we encourage you to complete the needs assessment below. It will take ~10 minutes.

If you wish to participate, once you’ve completed the needs assessment your name will be entered into a raffle for a $50 gift card to a retailer of your choice.


A child with medical complexity is defined as one who has complex chronic health conditions associated with significant functional status limitations requiring increased expertise, health services, and resources1.

Children with medical complexity:

  • Are more likely to require ICU admission than other paediatric populations2
  • Experience more “preventable” hospital admissions (e.g. inadequate care coordination)3
  • Stay in hospital eight times longer than other paediatric populations4
  • Are at higher risk of medical error5