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Paediatric Project ECHO

Paediatric Project ECHO

Paediatric Project ECHO

Changing the world by connecting healthcare providers.

Changing the world by connecting healthcare providers.

Changing the world by connecting healthcare providers.

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Operated by the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids).

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Obtain CME credits, case-based learning, and more at no cost. Sessions are accessed online via videoconferencing. Sessions include didactic presentations and an interactive discussion of de-identified patient cases. Read more on our FAQ page.

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  • January 20, 2021

    11:15 am 12:45 pm

    How to introduce paediatric palliative care | Palliative Care #4.1

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Paediatric Project ECHO

Paediatric Project ECHO offers community-based healthcare providers with access to specialty knowledge, an interprofessional network, and a community of practice to support the delivery of best-practice care to their paediatric patients. We specialize in the following:

ECHO Spotlight


Mind-body Techniques​ | Pain #4.15

Learning Objectives​ Mind-body techniques for paediatric chronic pain Cultural and developmental considerations A trauma-informed, multimodal, and action-focused process…

Digital Health Technologies in the​ iOUCH Pain Lab​ | Pain #4.14

Learning Objectives​ Define the concept of “digital health technologies” Explain the user design process in developing digital health…

Use of airvo for chronic respiratory support at home | CC #3.12

Learning Objectives Introduction to Trauma-Informed Care Connection between Trauma-informed Care and Complex Care Concrete examples of how Trauma-Informed…

How the Program Works

Our mission is to integrate interprofessional specialist teams and community healthcare providers. By providing a convenient online environment to share and discuss best practices, we aim to empower community healthcare providers to safely and effectively care for paediatric patients with specific conditions. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Healthcare providers register for 1-4 curricula, at no cost
  2. Registrants access curated resources and attend sessions
  3. Each session has: a didactic presentation, a patient case presentation, and a discussion
  4. Community healthcare providers take lessons learned back to their practice

About Paediatric Project ECHO

Paediatric Project ECHO aims to connect community healthcare providers to expand knowledge and build capacity in the area of Pain Management, Obesity Management, Palliative Care* and Complex Care. This model uses a combination of interactive videoconferencing, educational presentations, and hands-on workshops to enhance learning and build a supportive community of practice.

All healthcare providers are invited to participate at no cost.

*The Palliative Care program is operated in collaboration with the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO).

Here’s what our participants say:

As a clinician practicing in a smaller community the collaborative nature of Project ECHO allows me to keep up with research and incorporate this into evidence-based practice and also share strategies for providing effective care with colleagues throughout Ontario.

Registered Dietitian Health Sciences North May 28, 2020